Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ideal Government

"One is apt to think of moral failure as due to weakness of character: more often it is due to an inadequate ideal." -Richard Livingstone

What is our ideal government? We can only effectively answer this if we can envision our ideal society, and we can only envision our ideal society if we have a sense of our ideal family. In fact, we can only really picture and work toward our ideal family if we have a clear picture of our ideal self.What is your ideal self? Really?When a person genuinely answers this question, he or she will have so much work to do that he will worry less about the flaws or mistakes of others and put more effort and time into improving himself. As this occurs, he will become a better father, brother, son, friend, leader and citizen. The result: he will simultaneously, often without realizing it, gain a clear picture of ideal government and start exerting his influence to create it. Those who focus on changing others usually reduce freedom. Those who genuinely improve themselves increase freedom.Once again: What is the ideal you?

-From The Social Leader Daily by Oliver Demille (10/26/11)

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